Portfolio: Commercial

Corporate Building Systems

  • Structure: Office/Warehouse
  • Year: 2006
  • Size: 20,049 SqFt
  • Type: New Construction
  • Use: Commercial
  • Location: Springfield, Missouri

To keep up with the company’s fast-growing clientele, Corporate Business Systems found it necessary to expand their physical space. Unfortunately, they were restrained by their current location and turned to the Design-Build team of Marshall-Waters-Woody and Morelock-Ross Builders to design and construct a new office and warehouse for their daily operations. The new pre-engineered building of over 20,000 sf gave them enough room for an expansive demonstration space, sales offices with adjacent open office cubicles, maintenance parts and repair spaces, along with a large warehouse.

KSPR Studio Addition to KY3

  • Year: 2011
  • Size: 20,392 SqFt
  • Type: New Construction
  • Use: Commercial/Communication
  • Location: Springfield, Missouri

Marshall-Waters-Woody was selected to assist local television stations KY3 and KSPR in combining resources, resulting in a single location at the existing KY3 location.

The analysis and schematic design process resulted in providing an addition to the existing building of approximately 14,000 sf of main floor area with 5,000 sf of basement area. The new main floor area is used for the new KSPR studio, newsroom and specific support functions while the basement area functions as a storage/storm shelter. Portions of the existing building were renovated to merge current shared activities in a manner that relates well to both stations and blends the existing with the new for a cohesive design and functionality. Particular attention was
given to the exterior components of the building to ensure that the entire façade was blended and balanced, creating a new single entity.

Morelock Tower

  • Year: Currently Under Construction
  • Size: 43,008 SqFt
  • Type: New Construction
  • Use: Office Building
  • Location: Springfield, Missouri

Marshall-Waters-Woody was selected to design a new 43,000 sf, four-story office building in Corporate Village, located on West Republic Road in Springfield, Missouri. In keeping with the “residential” theme of the existing buildings, the new building has a sloping, standing seam metal roof in conjunction with cement board siding, face brick, synthetic stucco and metal panels. The floors are accentuated by the continuous “ribbon” windows and curtainwall glass from grade to roof at the ends of the building.

The structure is currently under construction.

Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative

New Control Room Addition
  • Year: 2021
  • Size: 11,551 SqFt
  • Type: Addition
  • Use: Office
  • Location: Marshfield, Missouri

Marshall-Waters -Woody was selected to design a new facility to house an updated version of their control room. As part of the process two contrasting locations were studied with development of a preliminary drawing and cost estimate for each. Although the scheme located on Route 38 allowed for more design flexibility, both floor plan and exterior, it was determined that an addition adjacent to the existing building was more practical and cost effective. Both schemes provided for a new secure and updated control room, with office support, conference and training rooms and future internal expansion.

The project is currently under construction with an anticipated completion in early spring 2021.

A.G. Edwards & Sons

Kansas Plaza Center


KTXR / KWTO Radio Station

Lighthouse Gallery

MD Publications

Merrill Lynch Office Building